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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

12 names errored out as "unsubscribed, could not be added". I need access to that list so I can remove from my POS. It was available before your latest upgrade.
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I just noticed the user activity is live for 6 months not the previous standard of 3 months. This makes up for the poor new user interface AND it allows me to analysis my emails to make them work better. I tend to discover this much later after the fact so the extra time allows me to go back and retest my hypothesis about my customers habits. NICE CHANGE !!
When I upload a list I used to be able to see which contacts were not added due to being unsubscribed. I see how many were not added but I cannot see the actual names. I want to make sure I mark them unsubscribed in our database so I do not attempt to add them again.
The new release is crap. Constant Contact used to be good, but with this release there is growing evidence that your quality control is not what it used to be. 1. When importing contacts, I'm told that one contact couldn't be imported because it was unsubscribed, but it doesn't give me the name of the unsubscribed contact. 2. In My Contacts, there are duplicates email addresses! How can that be. I just went thru and cleaned out the duplicates. 3. In My Contacts, when I delete or remove a contact, the system takes me back to the letter "A" and so I have to scroll to get back to where I was in the alphabet --- 50 contacts at a time. 4. In My Contacts, I can only scroll 50 at a time. I should be able to enter a name and have the system position me to that name in the list. 5. In My Contact, the counts are incorrect. For example, my All Contacts list shows (1212), but when I open my All Contacts list it shows 1201. Steve Murphy

And we're told that this new release was "tested".  Bull crap.  Even the most basic, rudimentary testing "101" would have identified the issues listed above.

It would be helpful to have the ability to report on the red number in the activity reports that represents the people who have unsubscribed. At this point there is no way of seeing who those people are so I can't clean up my database. Thanks.
When importing information from a file, it would be nice to be able to view the contacts that have previously opted out so that I can identify them quickly. It is nice that it gives a number, but it is not useful.
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Hi there, Just wanted to ask about an issue.


I used to be able to import a list into Constant Contact, and when it was complete go to the Activity screen, look at the import job, and click on the number of errors (folks that "error out" when I'm importing a list into Constant Contact because they've previously unsubscribed) and it would give me a list of those names and emails, so I could then go back to my database and make sure we code them appropriately. And since you changed the contact management stuff, I can't do that anymore. I can see the number of errors, but no way to get those names/emails anymore.


This was an important double-check on catching unsubscribes (we do use the weekly updated subscriber notice report, but clearly miss a few here and there if names are erroring out when we load a list).  I know I can export the contacts in a list, which I suppose could be compared with the list that we tried to import.  But that's a whole lot of rigamarole to find the errors, when you clearly know who they are and used to be able to easily give me.


It's a real loss of important functionality.   Please restore that functionality. Thanks.

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When I upload a list, I am then unable to see which contacts had issues during the upload (unsubscribes for example) and there is no way to easily determine who from your importing list was not imported to the list. HOW FRUSTRATING! Please help.
You need to help identify what contacts fail on import. Either the line number in the file or the last good import. Have spent 2 days trying to track what you cannot identify. The only other way is hand entry for each contact and that is NOT a solution.
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