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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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Request correction: After uploading a contact list to Constant Contact, you can view a list of emails with errors. Please include a list of emails that we were trying to upload that are "unsubscribed" on Constant Contact. This would be most beneficial to help us update our main database so it reconciles with our Constant Contact database.
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System no longer shows reason contact unsubscribed or if it does, show me where to find it. It's not unusual for our contacts to say they never unsubscribed, so when I see one unsubscribed I always call to verify if they really did. In the past sometimes an unsubscribed member would indicate a reason and therefore I would not need to call for verification....saving me the time and saving bothering them when they already said the reason. Now I have no way of knowing and am forced to call all of them. Not good PR.
Some of the contacts I tried to add could not be added, but I was unable to find out which ones. I need to know that so I can contact these people. I am still having major problems trying to get emails back on our contact list once they have been removed. If any improvements needed to be made, that's the most important one!!
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I don't always have time to address errors to uploaded contact lists. I just notice that I don't have access to any Activity reports further than 7 days ago.
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Dear CC, Why did you remove from unsubscribed contacts the delineation of who removed the contact? ("Site Owner" or "Contact") This was a valuable tool for managing my list, because many times I would remove a contact (perhaps because email was no longer valid) but then I re-connect with that person somewhere and get another email addy... but then I don't know whether I originally took him/her off, or if they did. And... I respect someone's wishes to be off if they chose to unsubscribe, so I don't want to re-add them in these cases -- even if they re-connected with me. Simple, simple little piece of info, that should NOT have been removed by you guys in the updating...! J. Courshon
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I wish you would bring back the following feature: When you import a new list if there are contacts on that list that have previously unsubscribed the system constant contact will list the email addresses out so you know exactly who has opted out. I do recieve your emails on a daily basis that tell me who my opt-in's and opt-outs were but sometimes i may miss them and this is a much easier way to make sure i have updated everyone in my CRM system. I do not like that now it only gives you a Red Number of how many contacts from this newly imported list has opted out but you don't know who without having to do extensive research.
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PLEASE show the name that was not added after import is complete (like before) Too tedious to compare my spreadsheet with the contact list to find just one name.
A cute little red box that tells me the quantity of errors in an import list, as compared to actually telling me what the errors are, is not an improvement. This 'upgrade' gives me no usable information to act on. But the little red box looks really pretty...
Now I'm not able to see which of the email addresses I just uploaded to a new Email Group are the "unsubscribed" ones. We've had many customers show up as unsubscribed that didn't mean to and I send them a direct email to re-subscribe for our lists. We don't spam to random people. We are a summer camp and these are only emails that go to our campers and their families. I don't think it's right to take away something that we've been used to. We pay alot of money every month for Constant Contact and we should have the option of seeing which of our newest uploads are on the unsubscribed list. Contact me for any information at 416-924-7433. Thanks for considering my frustration.
I offer a discount to those customers on my mailing list. When an import has failures due to an opted out email address, I have always had a list of those failures, so I can stop offering them a discount as an email list member in my POS. The import completed this morning no longer shows any details of which entries were new, updates, or failures. This is important information to me and I'd like to see it put back the way it used to work.
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