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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

When adding a contact list, I like that I can correct errors right away, but it tells me the number of people who are unsubscribed and I can't click to see who they are, so I can update my list.
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Please bring back the functionality where, after I import a list to Constant Contact and go to the activity screen and click on the number of errors in the import, that it shows me THE LIST OF NAMES AND EMAILS, just like it used to.


That is a part of the quality control of my lists, and it's a huge loss of functionality to me.

Before, when adding contacts that had previously opted out, I could see who the error was and make sure my info was correct and not try to add them to a list again, but now all I get is that I have contacts that can't be added because they've opted out. How do I know who they are so I can update my records?
I like the new format for adding contacts from a file. However, previously when there was an issue, it was possible to get details on the contacts not added. There was sometimes a typo or some other problem I was able to fix so I could re-upload those contacts. I just added a small file of names and one was not uploaded. I couldn't see how to figure out who the contact was and what the problem was.
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VERY inconvenient.
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Your stupid new "Managing Contacts" system still does not tell me which contacts I am adding who have unsubscribed previously so I have no way of removing them from my back-end systems. I told you about this problem when you introduced this on the smaller accounts I use. I am seriously considering moving to another, more sensible, contact management system.
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Please add this back as an option.
When I added a bunch of new contacts to a new list I created, there was a message stating "Import complete. There were 2 contacts that could not be added." I used to be able to see why they could not be added. Is there no option to do so now???
Campaign Expert
previous activity report showed which contacts were unsubscribed - now I can only see a number - not helpful, especially with a larger lists.
After I add contacts to a specific list, it tells me the number of people that were on the unsubcribed list, but it does not show the specific emails. I used to be able to see this and then was able to add those people back to a mailing list. I do not like the new setup under "Contacts - Activity" that does not allow me to see which emails are on the unscribed list.
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