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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

I don't like the new format. How do you know who got added and who didn't. It's confusing!!!!
I think your new format is less intuitive. Boo! Why can't you list the e-mails from the file that don't work initially rather than just say you have 4 e-mails that weren't complete Why not just let them go through so they bounce so we can see what they are and remove them from our own data base.
ESPECIALLY when trying to look up contacts or working with contacts the system won't accept. I cannot BELIEVE you took away the ability to see which contacts were not accepted because they had unsubscribed. For me, this was a valuable tool I used to update my master database.
Please bring back the ability to review errors in the activity section after uploading from a spreadsheet. In this particular instance, I need to get in touch with the parents who opted out via phone, but I don't know which of the contacts were the opted out ones.
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after adding 1500 contacts, I got an error that 5 were unsubscribes. It would be nice to be able to see these so I can remove them from my import list so it doesn't keep happening.
Please provide a report for people when they upload a list and you give them back a note saying something like.. 6 contacts were uploaded, and 2 contacts were not added. It would be extremely helpful to see exactly who was not added, or who was updated and why. It's not helpful the way it's set up now.
Where did you move the function where I can see which names wouldn't permit being added since they had previously opted out?
I imported a list and used be to able to see who un-subscribed. Now I can no longer see this. This was helpful when I sent the message to smaller lists. I would send the un-subscribers an email directly. Thank you, Thrisha
PLEASE CHANGE the sort back to the most recent removed....NOT when they were added.. REALLY?????
When adding contacts to a list we are no longer informed which contact wasn't added and why.
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