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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

Thank you so much for making it difficult to manage our own lists through your site. Can you please tell me the 16 emails that were unsubcribed users on the list that I just uploaded? That would be helpful so I could contact them in other methods. Can you also provide me with the bounce lists with the reasons for the bounce so I can determine if those people should be removed from my lists? Argh.....why did you change what didn't need to be fixed?
When I add/update a group of emails to a list from my database, I used to be able to access a list of opted out emails that I used to keep my database current. I can now see how many opted out emails I tried to add, but not which ones they are. This was a quick way to keep my database up to date in small batches rather than the longer opt out list. Thanks
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TO CONSTANT CONTACT:  I do not expect you to change back to the old contacts page, that is fine, this new way does have it's advantages. However, we MUST be able to see who has previously unsubscribed. I cannot believe you have removed this feature!! You are constantly reminding us to keep our lists current, remove bounces, keep a clean list, etc but yet we cannot see who previoulsy unsubscribed so we can update this on our end in our own databases. How is this better? Please add this feature back -- after we upload a list and go to the activity screen, allow us to see who has previously unsubscribed! THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING TO FIX RIGHT NOW. Thank you.

In the old interface, when you imported a list of contacts, you had the ability to see those that unsubscribed on the Activity screen. This feature has been removed and now it's impossible to see who is un-subscribed to a specific list. I have several large lists and now I can't tell who unsubscribed from which list. Please bring back this feature. Forums list many who are crying for this to be returned!!!
This is such a huge waste of time re thinking that new marketing sight. We average 100 to 200 new e-mails a week. I do not have time for this. My customers want answers to why they can't receive e-mails.What do I tell them? Our Market prides it's self on our personal relationships with our customers and when they have a problem we solve it. So please help us, help our customers with a solution to this nonsense once and for all.
Hi all, I don't understand why the Contacts - Activity page was changed. It used to show a list of imports and exports with the date, link to details etc. Now it seems to only show 1 week of activity?? Why take away that information? At least give us the ability to look past 1 week. Thank you. Terry
When I import contacts from a list that I have exported from my CRM your system tells me that there are "x" number that are unsubscribed and could not be added. It would be nice if there was a list of which contacts those were so that I can double check our CRM and update it accordingly.
I have over 5000 contacts, but i'm not seeing where i can load them to your site, otherwise the only option i'm seeing here is manually to add them, which will take forever, what's the solution here?
Why can't you list the errors after an import? This program is suppose to help me not waste my time!
When viewing the Activity screen after adding contacts to a list, if the numbered red box is selected to review the job issues, and the issue concerns unsubscribed contacts, it would be helpful to list the e-mail addresses of the unsubscribed contacts that could not be added to the list. This is necessary for our internal auditing purposes and will aid us in finding alternate methods for disseminating vital information to our clients. Thanks.
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