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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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i cannot agree more - the new contacts layout, upload and whole handling is a nightmare! previously there was a nice report simply available on contacts that have not been imported and a reason why - this seems to be all gone. pls fix this quickly!!

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Hi - We just added a list and got this message: This job had 6 issues: 2 contacts have errors that need to be resolved. Resolve all errors. 4 contacts were un-subscribed and could not be added to a list. In the last issue of Constant Contact, we could download a spreadsheet that showed which contacts did not load because they had un-subscribed --- How do we find that list now? thanks - HGA
Hello. It is very frustrating to not be able to tell who had previously unsubscribed when I import a new list of leads into Constant Contact. For example - last week we met 126 people at a tradeshow and I went to import the list into Constant Contact and two people had previously unsubscribed. Everyone that let us scan their badge was doing so because they would like to receive information from us. So how should I know how to contact those two people to find out how to add them back into the system if you don't let me pull a list of unsubscribes. This feature is available in other email marketing tools that I have used. It's very frustrating.
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Adding new contacts and see that 12 couldn't be added because they had unsubscribed previously. It would be nice to see who those 12 contacts are so I don't add them to our company's database.
I do not wish to email opted out subscribers - why would I? BUT I do need to know 'who' those unsbscribers are as I could in the past. Especially as they are booked into an event we are organising, and we use Constant Contact to send them vital check-in information! How can I tell if they are not receiving this info otherwise! Frustrated and unhappy...
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any word on displaying opt outs when names are not added? No way to indicate who was not added.
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To correct error and resubmit contact file upload I need detail as to why the inport failed.
as part of the Contact Growth report. Clicking on the number would be ideal, Same can be said for the New Contacts added (in the same report)
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I have two jobs running ... and your list shows them both ... but I have no idea which one is which. Yes, you show the name of my source list that I ftp'd to you ... why can't you also show the name of the list on your site that the data is flowing into?
I need to see my unsubscribes / issues in the Activity page. I want to click on the red square and get that information. Not sure why you took that functionality away, but please put it back.
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