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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

In the past, I was able to see details on which specific emails were not added and the detailed reasons why. Not sure if that feature has been removed or simply moved, but I cannot find it.
Every time I import contacts there are issues because some of them had previously un-subscribed ... but it doesn't tell me which ones they are, so I can avoid importing them next time! Is there any way to identify them?
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Usually the "Activity Report" shows the name of the list that I uploaded to. And I can easily find errors so I can correct them. How do I know which 7 contacts are Unsubscribed?
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The old system gave info about WHAT mail address was invalid. The new one only says that there is invalid address. Why did you remove this option????
You alert me that 10 people I tried to add had opted out of my emails but I do not see a way to see in CTCT who didn't get added. I used to be able to see this information. It is helpful to share with my data entry person so we can make sure we do not attempt to email them again.
I am running an event and use Constant Contact to email check-in, schedule & registration information to a number of contacts. Unfortunately, 9 of my contacts have at some point in the past, unsubscribed from my email database. This is not a problem, what is a problem, is that when I send the email to the contacts who are attending my event I get the message that 9 of those contacts have unsubscribed, but not who those contacts are! This is very frustrating as I'm now faced with the situation of not knowing 'who' has not received the check-in information they will need, when they arrive at the event. I cannot understand why you've changed the way you notify me of unsubscribes in these circumstances? Previously, I would have been able to see who those 9 contacts were and then simply send them the information from my own email address. So now, I either have to wait till those 9 contacts get in touch with me asking where their check-in info is, or I spend hours going through all the email addresses of those attending my event, cross referencing them to see who is not on the Constant Contact list. I use Constant Contact to make life easier! This is making my life more difficult and I don't have the time to waste.
We maintain our contacts in an external database. I can't keep that DB up to date if I can't easily tell which contacts have un-subscribed. It used to be easy! Now I don't see a way to do it at all.
In the issues report
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when are you going to ad back the feature so i can SEE the OPT OUT EMAIL ADDRESS? it is of absolutely NO VALUE when you indicate a contact could not be added but you do not show me WHO/what contact has not been added.
I inputted a list of 2500 names. 143 had errors (ypos where we had two ".." or a space before the .com. However, you have no method of me printing or exporting that list so I can correct it in our office database? This seem like a glaring oversight.
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