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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

It needs to show WHICH contact(s) weren't added like it did before. Otherwise you have to go through the whole list to figure out who has "unsubscribed".
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In the past, I've been able to view the names of people who couldn't be added when I'm importing from a file. I no longer have this ability. In our business, people will sometimes unsubscribe, and then attend one of our events and sign up again. I can't contact them to have them re-subscribe if I don't know who they are. This happened last week and I sent feedback about it. I had hoped this functions would be reinstated but today when I added new lists, I still couldn't view the ones who couldn't be added. Please reinstate this function. Thank you!
Previous versions of adding contacts allowed you to see who may have previously unsubscribed contacts were.
When adding contact to a list the system does not tell me WHO the contacts were that were not added because of prior selection of Unsubscribe. I now have to perform a manual comparison in order to find those clients as I need to not mail them the legal information via USPS. I believe the system in the past did inform you of the exact client, why this was removed I don't understand as it now creates additional work.
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I updated from a file. Got back that 1 contact could not be updated because had unsubscribed. But there seems to be no way to find out who that contact is without manually comparing the update file to the unsubscribe list. Additional information regarding the results of large processes is required.
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I don't want to be too negative, but it has not been fun having all of these features that the system previously had disappear and hoping enough people vote on them to bring them back. 

The contact management system has been a disappointment over the last 8 months or so. I keep running into problems seeing the contact information for imports into the Contacts list. Logical groups of contacts are missing. For example, the last time I did an import there were 3 or 4 groups that the import system broke down for me and I needed to check this out, but ran out of time for the day. I went back today to look at these and manage the problems, etc., but these groups/lists are no where to be found. One of the lists was a list of new contacts with errors. I especially wanted to see what those were and get them fixed but there were over 140 of them and it was late that night and I could not work on them then. Also, when I import contacts from our list we get from our customers and then the import tells me that a number of these were problematic because they were unsubscribed, it is important for me to know which ones these are so that I can flag them in our database, but that list is not available. It is tough already managing 28,792 active contacts but we have over 64K in our db and keeping these synced from our ERP to Constant Contact only makes it tougher when the contact management import and viewing system is not cooperative. Thanks for listening. -Darius.
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i just added 10+ contacts. after i submitted, i received that ONE CONTACT COULD NOT BE ADDED TO THE SELECTED LIST B/C THE CONTACT PREVIOUSLY UNSUBSCRIBED... SHOW ME THE ACTUAL ADDRESS SO I CAN CONTACT THEM! EVERY email we add WANTS to be on our list. we NEED TO KNOW WHO CAN'T BE ADDED..... I NEED TO SEE THE ADDRESS!!!!! please, please, please, bring this feature back!!!
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You tell us how many people from this upload have unsubscribed but you do not allow us to click that # and view the emails or pull a report for that. This would help us save money and send out less Christmas cards this year.
When adding contacts you give a message about some were added, some were updated and in this case, one could not be added because they had previously unsubscribed. It would be helpful to see who the contacts are.
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