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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?


I am new to Constant Contact and just imported a list of contacts.  After the website refreshed, I noticed I have 16 "unsubscribed" contacts.  I haven't sent anyone anything yet.  How can they be unsubscribed already?  How do I fix it?

When I add a new list and am told that some people could not be added (unsubscribed, blocked, etc.), I need to know WHO they are so that I can take action. Knowing how many there were in the list is of no use at all unless I know WHO they are. Please add this functionality to the tool. Thank you.
I have two errors adding contacts, but when I click on tell me more, it says "emails were not in proper format, click on emails to correct them" and it doesn't give me any emails to correct! I can't tell who I have successfully loaded and who I haven't. I am frustrated.
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Can you have the activity report show when a list is deleted, which list was deleted? Thanks
Previously, when I went to add multiple contacts, if one was opted-out, it would tell me which address it could not add. Now, it only gives me the information that 1 subscriber was opted-out and could not be added. I'm working on an invitation list for an event, so I need to know which email address to manually invite!
I used to be able to see who had already opted out of my contacts when I was uploading leads. Sometimes I have leads that we meet at conferences who sign -up for emails from us, but they might have opted out previously. Now I cannot see these opt-outs when I upload new lists. I used to be able to see that in the Activity tab. Where did it go?
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i need to know WHO was not added so i can let them know they need to add themselves back in. they email me a request to be added, i add NUMEROUS emails at once, so it looks extremely UNPROFESSIONAL when they are not added and i can't tell them they haven't been b/c i CAN'T SEE the email that was not added. BRING BACK THAT FEATURE! i already have to jump through hoops (4 clicks!) to add someone b/c you changed the add contacts. SHOW ME WHO WASN'T ADDED. PLEASE!!!!!!
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I added 17 contacts to a list. The activity reported the number added, the number updated, and that 1 could not be added. Clicking on the one line Activity summary only said "1 could not be added because had unsubscribed". BUT IT DID NOT TELL ME WHICH NAME was not added! How can I maintain a professional system with such inadequate information? This is typical of the poor implementation since the conversion of Constant Contact to a Windows 8.
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If I upload a list, I would like to know *who* was not added because they're on the "unsubscribed" list.
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I am very disappointed in the new contacts features that were rolled out to my account last week. The new UI is very difficult to use, it is slow to load, and frequently errors out or fails to load the "next" page of my contacts lists. In the contact details, the email history used to be presented in a clean, easy to read table. Now it is in a jumbled mess of a list. Getting a quick overview of a contact's activity history is much more difficult. Uploading new lists used to show me which contacts had errors. Now, while it still reports there are errors, it no longer shows which emails were problematic, so I need to do extra steps to ensure that my offline records are in synch with my account. Also, removing contacts from all lists used to be fairly easy and straight-forward. Now it is much more cumbersome project, and prone to error, as scrolling through the list of lists sometimes skips, or doesn't load all of the options. Again, the UI is clunky and slow to load in this aspect as well. Overall, I do not see these changes as an improvement. The data I was most interested in is no longer available, and the new UI is terrible.
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