Select or exclude individual contacts/lists when sending email

Hey there! It would be great to have an efficient way to create exclusion lists. The tag system is a cumbersome process to go through when the goal is to simply send an email to List A, but exclude anyone who is also on List B. If a checkbox-to-exclude feature became a reality, you'd have a lot of happy customers! (I did search the "Constant Contact Community" when trying to find out how to exclude a list BTW.) 



I didn't necessarily want to post this particular message to the entire "community" but I couldn't find a way to just email my exclusion list request to your developers.




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We are considering this as Implemented with the addition of “AND” and “IS NOT” logic within the segments
feature. You can now create a segment for those who are a member of List A, and not a member of List B. After
this implementation sometime around mid-2021 we’ve seen requests on this particular feature drop off across
all of our feedback channels.


There was a large variety of use cases for this particular request, so this was the solution that had the widest range to address most of them. If you require additional filtering needs, you may be interested in adding your voice to one of these existing open ideas:


The ability to segment by specific date (before X or after X)

Additional Segment Criteria


For those looking to send an email to an individual contact, you may be interested in the Quick Send feature.


I agree !!!  I need to be able to send 1 person an individual coupon code !!!  Which means i have to go in and make a list with just them on it , but not only that , i have to create a whole new campain which has there specific coupon code to use !!! Constant contact needs an option to be able to go into a campain and edit it and send to just one person without it being so tedious !



I guess ill just have to use a regular email which defeats the purpose of why i even got contact contact 

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Is this still not resolved?


I have a list of people that I invite to my events. For those who RSVP, I would like to exclude them from future marketing campaigns for that event, but not remove them from the list altogether. Am I really unable to do this? If so, this is terribly annoying! 


My company is spending $800 a month on Constant Contact and unfortunately, we are looking at other options. (Makes me sad - I like CC customer service!)

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Hello, I've recently switched from hubspot to constant contact for my email marketing. Overall constant contact is a solid software but there's one glaring need that I am really struggling not having that was included in hubspot and that is the ability to exclude specific contacts or company's from an email. It's easy to pick which lists to send an email to, but it would be so helpful to also have the option to add specific individuals to an email or likewise to remove specific individuals from receiving an email. I'm running into this problem a lot and it's so inefficient to download my list, delete the contact(s) I don't want to receive that particular email, and then having to re-upload the list again. It's a poor workaround and I'm honestly surprised constant contact hasn't done anything about this yet.
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Hi @MattV542 what about our narrow by tag feature does not fit your needs?

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This feature does help for individual contacts, but what if I need to exclude an entire segment? For example I'm sending an email that needs to go out to all 4,000 of our subscribers except for our health insurance clients. From what I understand, I'd have to create tags for each of the individuals on the health insurance client list (which has a few hundred people on it) instead of just choosing to exclude that sub-list from the campaign.


Thank you @MattV542. At this time, segments and lists cannot be excluded on the scheduling screen and tagging is the way to go. I'm merging your idea into a larger thread with a request for more exclusion on the scheduling page. 


Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Though this type of function is currently not available, we have received reports that users can now use our contact segments as a workaround.  




Contacts in List A who are also on List B can can be segmented from the full list. So in this case, users will want to tag list B with the list name and exclude this tag when creating your segment.


This functionality should be added. Your competition has had it for years...


Hello! Is there a way to exclude one contact on a list for an email campaign without deleting them from the list altogether? I need the ability to not send the email campaign to one or two people from a given list. Help! Thanks!


Hello @JenniferC4646 


We definitely can exclude specific contacts when scheduling an email. This is where we can utilize the "Narrow by Tag" option near the Select Recipients area on the scheduling page! You can see how to do so here

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