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Hey there! It would be great to have an efficient way to create exclusion lists. The tag system is a cumbersome process to go through when the goal is to simply send an email to List A, but exclude anyone who is also on List B. If a checkbox-to-exclude feature became a reality, you'd have a lot of happy customers! (I did search the "Constant Contact Community" when trying to find out how to exclude a list BTW.) 



I didn't necessarily want to post this particular message to the entire "community" but I couldn't find a way to just email my exclusion list request to your developers.




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We are considering this as Implemented with the addition of “AND” and “IS NOT” logic within the segments
feature. You can now create a segment for those who are a member of List A, and not a member of List B. After
this implementation sometime around mid-2021 we’ve seen requests on this particular feature drop off across
all of our feedback channels.


There was a large variety of use cases for this particular request, so this was the solution that had the widest range to address most of them. If you require additional filtering needs, you may be interested in adding your voice to one of these existing open ideas:


The ability to segment by specific date (before X or after X)

Additional Segment Criteria


For those looking to send an email to an individual contact, you may be interested in the Quick Send feature.

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Thanks for submitting your idea. At this time we will be marking this as closed due to the number of votes it has received.

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How is this STILL not an option?! Crazy. The tag option is nice....but only if you have less than 10k contacts? Come on.


Please we really need this Exclusion Feature.  It's a basic List Pull function.   Constant Contact is best of breed out there.  How can you not have this basic function? We need it very badly.   -- Kay, Boston, MA


Suppression lists are a 101 feature of any commercial email platform.

Could somebody from CC explain why they have decided not to offer this feature?

This has been asked for many many times over many years.


See here for a thread from 2011!


I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to use Emma and Mail Chimp with capabilities like anchors and list exclusions and start working with a client that needs both those things, I tell them we can do it and jump into their Constant Contact and those simple functions are not there. 


Here is what we need - we have a general interest list we constantly add to. Sometimes the boss wants to send the newsletter twice in a two week period after new contacts are added. I want to make a list of people who opened the first email and put them on an exclusion list. Then, click General List, exclude former clicker group. This is super simple on Emma. 


I’m a consultant and I’m THIS CLOSE to telling them to switch. 


How would I export ppl who opened an email? I don’t see the open folks as a click - just successfully delivered and bounced and unsubscribed, but not plain open. 




Hi - 


Would like to echo the sentiments regarding the need for exclusion lists. This would also be useful for when syncing contacts with DonorPerfect. That way, if a contact is on one list but I want to exclude them if they're also on another list - I can do so without having to make several compound filters. If you're unclear about what the Constant Contact Community is asking for see this help article from iContact's system which does feature exclusions:

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I would SO love this. I work at an HOA and, along with mass-emails like our monthly newsletter, I often find it necessary to use Constant Contact for 'official' notifications (i.e., you're using too much water, the previous owner of your property wasn't left the mailbox keys we signed out to you, etc.), so I can see whether or not the emails are opened/viewed (kind of like an electronic certified letter).

Going through all the trouble to make the letter only to get to the screen that demands I send it to a 'list' is endlessly frustrating...I have to save, go back out, make a new list, put the *one person* in it, save it as a separate list, and then send the letter to that 'list,' even though it's only one person! Then it makes managing the lists annoying, time-consuming and interruptive, because they become bloated with obsolete one-offs, etc.


Me too - how difficult is it to just send one personalized email??? I like being able to send a mass campaign, but often I need to create a classy looking email and send to one person. I really don't understand why this is such a difficult feature to add. I see notes going back 4 or 5 years with people asking for this. Also - we are NOT talking about quick send because with quick send, you have to have already emailed a campaign for it to show up on your list. A Draft email does not.



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