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Set a default From and Reply To email address

Should be able to configure a default email addresses for From and Reply To to something different than the account address. For us, these are always different than the account address and it's easy to forget to change this every time we create a campaign, and then replies are sent to the wrong address and it confuses both staff and customers.

Setting a default From Name is already supported and manged in the Email Message Settings. The From Name default is reflected when creating a Draft as described here


Similar to the From Name, two more settings, one for each of From Address and Reply To Address should be added to Email Message Settings and used as the defaults when creating a new draft. 


This is a re-request of which hasn't been addressed for 5 years.

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BTW, I can't vote for this, perhaps because I created it. 

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Hi @4AllTheSaints you are correct, the two requests do appear to be the same. Because of this we have merged both threads into one.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
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This functionality should really be added. The point of using templates is to remove the need to remember and repeat the same steps every single week for a regular email campaign. Basic config settings (like the From and Reply To) fields are exactly the sort of thing CC should allow users to configure. These are the details that you want to set and forget so you can focus on content. But these aren't trivial details – having the wrong From and Reply To fields can look unprofessional. It's disappointing that Constant Contact doesn't make this an easy one time switch. 


I thought I had fixed this on my own just now by changing the setting in my template and copying it, only to notice that in the copy it reverted to the account address. Please address this. This issue was first raised in 2015.


This is something we want to do as well.  Different people in the company are responsible for different aspects of Constant Contact.  The Account Owner handles the billing and decides who has what access.  I am responsible for coordinating and sending the campaigns, as well as handling the replies.  The Account Owner specifically does not want to receive replies.  Resetting the sent by and reply to every campaign is just asking for that step to be forgotten.  Please add the option to change the default setting for the sent by and reply to email address.


On a side note, how is it even possible that this is showing the profile for our Account Owner for this question when I signed in under my login information?

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Status changed to Acknowledged almost a year ago. Does CC have any intention of addressing this?


Is it possible to change the default reply-to address? I'm currently having to change it each time. Thanks in advance.

Hi @LauraD28. At this time, there isn't the functionality to set a default reply-to address. I'm going to merge your post into a larger thread on our Idea board regarding this feature request. 

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