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Hello, I am incredibly impressed with the level of service I have received form Constant Contact and tell folks all the time it is the best company I have ever worked with. However, that being said there is something I need or else I will be looking elsewhere for service(I HATE SAYING THAT). You need to include a column in the reports section that we can export. We need to be able to see the engagement level of our customers so we can order them from greatest to lease and vice versa. From a sales perspective this is a must. I can remove hundreds from my list that have never opened an e-mail or I can call the folks in person that have opened everything I have sent. Without this ability I am missing HUGE opportunities to know who is hot and who is cold. Please do this ASAP, I have been asking for 6 months and have seen nothing yet. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE CONSTANT CONTACT! Please!!

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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Because many of the requests made on this thread are currently available through contact engagement, so we are going to close this idea. Please feel free to continue voting and commenting on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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I miss the history section. I would like to know who is clicking all the time. I miss being able to see who has unsubscribed on the front page. I liked being able to see more hits at once. I liked being able to see if the contact added themselves. I would like to suggest a column that ranked who hit the most times, so that I can target those customers with a personal letter. The new history section is not nearly as clear as the old one. I could see that they hit 2 times on my last letter, and 5 times on this one, for example. I do like the new section on who has not yet opened the email. Especially with the new Google format, they may not be going into the right slot, so I can write them and ask if they have received the letter.
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In the old version, when I clicked on a contact and looked at their information I could literally see all information connected to that contact. I just had a client call and said that they didn't get an email. I went to their contact info and it said, the email was "not delivered" with no explaination. The "Engagement" list lacks REAL information that is helpful in diagnosing the problem. I couldn't see get to a bounce history on the contact info page. I had to go to Email > Reports > and select the email and look through all the emails that were bounced to find them...... then I saw the bounce reason was "Other". This isn't helpful in the least. I have no way of ensuring that this client recieves emails in the future. 


I'm unhappy about a lot of the same things that everyone else is voicing. I just didn't see anyone mention this specifically.

to summarize... I'm spending more time clicking, watching loading screens, scrolling through lists, and not finding what I'm looking for. Even after looking through your help documents. Take a lesson from better email providers and do a soft launch, so that people don't have to use a broken system while waiting for fixes. If you could provide a way to use the older version while updates are made to the new version, that would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I would like a way to see people that have had no activity (not opened, not seen newsletters) over a long period of time. Records were 90 day but you have to look at each contact to see activity. May a chart and listing of people that have not have any activity.
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We need to have all of the engagement links hot so we can open each engagement to see what a contact clicked on. It used to be this way and now it is gone. This prevents a business owner from knowing what a particular contact is doing unless the business owner searches through every report for every email campaign.

Impossible to find all multiple open under new system because cannot down load All opens to Excell and then sort. Doing this is vital
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Neither do I, this is because they changed the system to this "Engagement" system that does not allow us anymore to see the particular activity of a contact in a neat way.  Please, guys, again, change this or give us back the excellent previous version.  This is taking too long.





The old format gave us more options to manage our contacts. I really hate to be forced into new formats without any choice. This is not helpful at all!

It is no longer intuitive and seems like a lot more clicks to update an address.
where did it go?
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I used to be able to click on Unique opens and see who THE LAST PERSON TO OPEN IT WAS!! Now you report alphabetically by month IT SUCKS. I don't want to have to export and sort each day to see who the last unique open was. This is a HUGE waste of my time and NOT why I use CC. I am also responsible for 6 other accounts for colleagues and I would hate to have to take us all to another email host. I used to also be able to click on their name and see how many times they opened that month and what they clicked on. PLEASE I BEG YOU CHANGE THIS!!! I have addressed this issue with no fewer than 6 people at CC on the phone and have previously sent feedback.

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