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Hello, I am incredibly impressed with the level of service I have received form Constant Contact and tell folks all the time it is the best company I have ever worked with. However, that being said there is something I need or else I will be looking elsewhere for service(I HATE SAYING THAT). You need to include a column in the reports section that we can export. We need to be able to see the engagement level of our customers so we can order them from greatest to lease and vice versa. From a sales perspective this is a must. I can remove hundreds from my list that have never opened an e-mail or I can call the folks in person that have opened everything I have sent. Without this ability I am missing HUGE opportunities to know who is hot and who is cold. Please do this ASAP, I have been asking for 6 months and have seen nothing yet. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE CONSTANT CONTACT! Please!!

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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Because many of the requests made on this thread are currently available through contact engagement, so we are going to close this idea. Please feel free to continue voting and commenting on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

Marketing Expert
Another among the many bad new ideas: not showing the specific links a user clicks. We publish a newsletter with 15-18 stories (links) per issue. We used to be able to see all the links and individual recipient clicked. No longer. My overall comment is that you have taken away vast amounts of functionality with this so-called upgrade. My recommendation is to dump everything you've done and go back to what you had before. You've done us a huge disservice with a slew of terrible ideas.
Constant Contact Partner
This makes no sense
Campaign Contributor
I can't believe cc removed the ability to view specific links clicked by
newsletter recipients from the customer profile page. Previously, I could
see which products were being viewed by a particular client. Now all I can
see is that they performed an open or click. This kills my ability to target
those clients. Support told me I could go through the hundreds of individual
clicks and search for each individual client. Really? That changes a function
That took seconds into hours. Enjoyed cc for that feature but unfortunately have
To find another company.
There should be a way that I can see who clicked on links, and a list of every link they clicked on. For example: John A. clicked on Link A, Link B and Link C Mary B. clicked on Link A and Link D etc. It would be fine if "link clicked" was just included as a column on the "export" report.
Brand Influencer
I'd like to see what specific link they clicked on for each email. That will tell me what they are looking at.
Brand Influencer
Why did you get rid of the list for each contact of their Emails and History and substitute this long list of all of their activity. I cannot easily scan to see how many bounces and for what reason for a contact nor determine when and for what emails and links they clicked. This is causing me so much manual work that it is just not worth it. I used to quickly do analyses on my bounced list after every email, but this is such a slog that I'm not going to bother. What I will do is look for another email vendor that is more user-friendly!
Tried to click on one section to find out where my sign ups were coming from. Nothing happened when I clicked
Actually, I don't like the set-up of this Feedback box either; it erased what I had just written... grrr... But I digress: I miss being able to go into a Contact's profile to see what they had clicked on in the past, historically. A view of their tastes so to speak. Not sure why this was changed. I found the old way more practical & helpful.
Campaign Contributor
Important to be able to sort all fields in reports
Campaign Expert
Hate the product now
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