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Show which contacts were updated during file import

When you load new contacts, it lets you know how many of those were updated. If it knows this, it should be able to show you who specifically was updated with the new upload.

I don't know who to update in my database
I can't keep guessing!!!!!!!
I need to know which contacts were added, which were updated, and which could not be added! Thanks Dr. Mallison
Marketing Expert
I just did an upload to my contacts from a file on my computer, and the Activity report says it could not add 1 of the contacts because it had been previously removed. It did not give me the name of the contact so I could investigate. Is this information actually available and I am not sure where to look? Thank you for any help you can provide. Jeanne Wagner
Hi folks at Constant Contact, It would be really helpful in the activity summary to see which contact list imports are added to, and/or show when the lists themselves were last updated. It would help us keep track of the multiple lists we use. Thanks!
Campaign Collaborator
When uploading new names to a list, it would be helpful to know what people are being updated (20 added, 2 updated), as this would indicate duplication of a record or a change that we would need to record at this end in addition to keeping it in the Constant Contact database.
Please change your system so that when I'm loading several contacts at once and one of them is being updated, you'll let me know which one is updated (like you now do with the contacts who are being loaded back in but can't be loaded back in because they previously opted out). Thank you!
I am uploading a file and it tells me that 83 contacts were added but only 13 show up. When I try it again it tells me 70 contacts were added 13 updated, but only 13 are there. Can you please assist?
Brand Strategist

It would be helpful to be able to select multiple lists and then add or remove them from another list. Also, on the activity page, it would be nice to see which lists have been removed instead of seeing "36 contacts have been removed from a list" Thanks!

When I upload a new csv file, if emails exist in system prior, a message will appear that says, ## Emails Imported, and that it has also XX amount updated emails. Would it be possible to put a hyperlink in the message to view the updated emails? Also is there a way that you could add a view tab where I can see all emails in our contact list and choose the to view them by the lists they belong to.
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