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Show which contacts were updated during file import

When you load new contacts, it lets you know how many of those were updated. If it knows this, it should be able to show you who specifically was updated with the new upload.

Campaign Contributor

used to be able to look at last imports and see what needed fixing

Constant Contact Partner

Is there a way to merge contacts in the new layout? Second question, can you no longer see who wasn't added or why, when adding a list of contacts. It says " 5 added, 7 updated, 2 not added", but not who or why, like it used to.

I feel like it's one step forward and the one step backwards. I like that I see the progress bar when I add new contacts but I would like to know what list I updated. This is a feature in the previous version that I regret is no longer available.

Marketing Legend
I thought I used to be able to see a list of errors when I got the red error notice on the activity log. Why can't I see it anymore?!
Campaign Expert
the ACTIVITY page doesn't show which group you imported your contacts in. I just imported some contacts and it doesn't look like my group was updated, and now I don't know what group those contacts went into
Campaign Expert
What if I dont remember what lists I imported
Brand Influencer
I import an Excel file, and it says e.g. "Import complete. There were 27 contacts added. 2 contacts were updated." I don't see any way to see WHICH were updated. Want to make sure it wasn't someone with the same name overwriting a previous subscriber, for instance. How to see which were updated and in what way?

you need to include the unsubscribe's contact information on the activity report when importing a list in order for me to run my business properly.

When I add contacts via uploading a list, I get a report saying that X number were updated, X were added, X were unable to be added because they are unsubscribed. It would be great to be able to see who is in which category! thanks very much.
I have uploaded a new list of contacts. The Activity screen says there were 118 issues w/ the import, but I cannot see the detail of what those issues are. How do I see the detail so I can update my email contacts?
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