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When creating posts for Instagram I do not see the option to post videos, use multiple photos or the option to post to my story. Is this something that will be added (soon). I really like this feature and want to continue to use it. Also, will Linkedin be added? Would love to be able to post to all my social pages from one place.

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There are multiple requests for this thread:


1) The ability to post multiple images on Instagram via the Social Posts feature - This is Implemented. When the feature was initially developed, the Instagram API allowed for only 1 image to be included in posts. That limitation was lifted, and we were now able to expand the tool to post up to 10 images for Instagram posts which will show in a carousel. 


2) The ability to post videos on Instagram via the Social Posts feature - This is Under Consideration as we are seeing what would need to be done to support videos.


In the interest of simplicity going forward, since the multi-image support is now in product, we will now use this thread for requests and updates on video posting functionality.


As an aside, I believe Instagram still doesn't allow for Stories to be posted via the API so that is something we won't be able to implement at this time. Reels, however, do seem to be supported.

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Hello @Trish3. These are great ideas. I can definitely see the addition of videos and multiple photos being useful as Instagram is very focused on these types of files. I'll forward this feedback over to our Product team and open it up for voting.


I also think Trish's points would be a great feature to the Social Sharing option on Constant Contact. 

It would be very helpful if the ability to post more than one photo to instagram was implemented. A lot of my posts require more than one photo

I would definitely like to see the ability to post multiple photos to Instagram, when can we expect that update?


Is this something that is available now?


Hi @JacquelynM693 This feature is not currently available. There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. We are however still collecting requests and monitoring this thread. The more requests we receive on this feature the higher a priority it can be given.


Just for clarification purposes, at this time, we are unable to post to our instagram story through Constant Contact? Nor are we able to post videos to our timeline through Constant Contact?


Thank you


Hi @IreneS196 that is correct. Our social tool will share posts on your Instagram page, not your Instagram story. This tool also does not share videos regardless of the social platform. We have however tracked these feature requests in your account in the meantime.

Could you please allow native videos to be posted/scheduled for social media? The platforms penalize links that take visitors away from the site therefore when Constant Contact only allows us to post links for video posts, it means we are going to be penalized. We want to use CC for all our marketing but this means we have to use Hootsuite (which we don't really like and would prefer your platform.) Thank you!
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Hi @johnl1258 how are you looking to share these videos on your social media accounts? Through our social share feature?

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