Text color was changed when campaign copied into CPE editor

1. Implemented with no notice.


2. Implemented with no feedback mechanism.


3. Slow. Causes layout to be slower -- again. Not good. How is that customer-centric? A person from our company called about the slowness of the new editor and was advised it was on our end and to do a speed test. That is just dumb. We have the fastest connections possible and NOTHING HAS CHANGED on our end but yours has!


4. Specific problems:

- Format box does not float

- Some font colors change when copying a template

- Each time the photo library loads takes 10 seconds

- Links sometimes are the right color, sometimes not

- When typing straight into the template/email the render is very slow and spaces (space bar) is not accepted


Please fix all of this asap. One reason we switched to CC was because of great customer service. Years later, "customer service" is now making excuses about why CC is right and how customers might be wrong. Bad!

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I'm not sure what is my frustrating -


The delays between when I type in a text box and the text actually appearing.



The denials that there is anything wrong with the platform (despite confirmation that these are KNOWN ISSUES).


I concur with all bugs listed above (as do the majority of posts in this forum).




Hi @JayK560


Thanks for sharing this feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience caused from the editor being updated. The good news is you can always share feedback on any aspect of your account through the "Have Feedback?" link at the bottom of your account. Not only this, but some of the features you have mentioned are requests in the process of being tracked. In fact the formatting toolbar not floating, slowness with the insert image in a campaign, and slowness when typing and being unable to insert a spacebar all have feature request threads of their own. In fact we recommend sharing your experience with this directly on their threads. Doing so allows your feedback to be tracked appropriately.


As for the colors of your text, when changing due to copying are you able to highlight your text and reapply the desired color? You also mentioned links sometimes are the not right color, what steps are being taken before link color changes? Are they not displaying correctly in editor? Or in a test/live send? Can you please provide screenshots?

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Hi @user513211


We are aware of defects some users are experiencing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused from this. Because the defects users are sharing is not something all users are having they do have to be troubleshooted on a case by case basis. We do however have a thread specifically for typing delays. We recommend sharing any feedback you have directly on that thread.

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Users of your software and services with 100s of thousands on their lists should not be helping you debug your software on various computers and browsers. That should be done before it goes live. Each time your software gets updated, it gets slower and makes the UX worse. Unwise, as is your company making excuses about it. If it matters, I have been in digital media for decades, as well as tech and software.

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