Unsubscribe bounces from reporting page

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There's been a new update. I used to be able to take all of my bounced "Recommended for Removal" Contacts, tag them, and then unsubscribe the whole list with just a few clicks Now I have to go into each one to unsubscribe it? What's that about? That's not helpful at all! I also can't tag my unsubscribes en masse like before. I have to go into each individual contact and tag it. Again, what's that about? Is there a new feature that I'm missing? Or did Constant Contact take a step backwards?

Please make a feature to mass unsubscribe emails that have bounced so that they are not included in the contact list and don't need to be unsubscribed individually.
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I selected delete and unsubscribe on my bounced contacts thinking it would delete them from the list and add them to the unsubscribe list, but they're just gone out of the system. So I don't know how we'd resubscribe them because they don't come up in searches.


Now that I've read through this thread, I agree completely that there should be a mass unsubscribe button that is separate from deletion.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi everyone. I wanted to jump in here and say that we have recently implemented the ability to delete and unsubscribe bounces from the Reporting page. This screen will pop up with a prompt and it allows you to make the decision to either delete the bounces from your account or to take the extra step to delete and unsubscribe them. It's very important to note that this action cannot be undone in the account and it's up to you to decide how you want to handle your bounces. 



Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We wanted Unsubscribe but no NOT delete, not Delete but don't unsubscribe. That doesn't even make sense?!?! 


I agree with the comment above - I would like to be able to unsubscribe but do not delete.  

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Is it because CC makes more income from you if you've got a huge mailing list?  So they don't want you to trim out the bounced addresses?

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It is so frustrating that three years after this thread was opened, this is still not resolved. As a small nonprofit with a relatively small mailing list, it is still inconvenient to have to navigate away from the reporting page to unsubscribe (not delete) contacts. I know Constant Contact previously had this capability, so why take it away?


Hi @oyehonduras


What are the steps you're currently taking to unsubscribe these contacts? As mentioned previously in the thread, users have the ability to unsubscribe bounced contacts directly from the Reporting page. Does this tool help fit your needs? In an effort to help eliminate any confusion there may be with active contacts in an account, once a contact is unsubscribed they are however removed from your contact lists. What are some cases where you would want an unsubscribed contact to still appear on a list?

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From what I see and understand, the instructions provided allow me to delete contacts or delete and unsubscribe contacts, but there is no easy way to unsubscribe contacts only. I do not want to delete contacts from my account, as doing so would also delete their engagement history. Does deleting a contact affect reporting statistics? Specifically, are they removed from the # of sends/opens or does their name and email appear but with a strikethrough?


Currently, to unsubscribe without deleting a contact, I am keeping one browser tab open on the reporting page and opening another tab to the contacts page. From there, I search for each contact that I want to unsubscribe, one by one, and select the ellipsis on the far right and select "Unsubscribe."


If there is an easier way to go about this that does not require me to do what I am doing or export contacts and reupload them as unsubscribed, please enlighten me.

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