Upgrade event landing page and invitation editor

Your email marketing tools are excellent, but the editor for the landing page is about as bad an interface as I've ever seen. Outdated, not user-friendly, absolutely frustrating and maddening to use.

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Our Events 2.0 tool has the same editor that is used for email campaigns and landing pages. No coding knowledge is required!


We are marking this idea as closed as our legacy events tool is retired. If you have feedback on the new Event 2.0 tool, please post on our Idea board.

When will the events page editor be updated. I love your email editor updates bu the events page editor has to be the hardest to navigate and often does not respond to simple commands like centering type, changing link button s, etc.
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Your event pages are so out dated an horrible to work with. I want something that will match the email designs and flexiability to put in our own designs as well. Please update. I want to be able to catch my audience. Thank you

Brighter colored and larger buttons that lead to links like registering an continuing to payment.

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6 years later and it still hasn't been addressed.  Event Campaigns on constant contact are some of the worst in the business and they refuse to update it or even address it

Status changed to: Planned

I know you all have an option to create emails within the events that can easily go to all registrants. I'd love to use that, but the format is completely different from your normal email creator. It's harder to work with and harder to make anything look good. It would make a lot more sense if the email creators were the same across the entire platform. Because you go from the easy to stuff to "Muahahaha! Surprise, now you need to create an email the digital equivalent of a rusty pocket knife!" 

Why? Why would you purposely make things hard on people? Just let us use the real interface directly with the events.

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Can we get updated event templates? Anyone know if that is happening? I feel like the ones on there have been there forever. Definitely need updated options.

The events function doesn't meet the same visual standards and WISIWIG capabilities as a campaign email. If we want a modern event invitation, we have to create an event AND a campaign email. Are there plans to update the event function? The RSVP block does not provide the level of functionality we need.


The responsive design on a mobile device needs some tweaking, can that be done?


Also, a logo does not constitute branding. I need color at a minimum, and fonts would be fabulous. When will Constant Contact allow custom branding and a bit of tweaking to the design of an event? 



Hi @WSUPPMC. We are in the process of updating our Event tool, including having an aligned editing experience that resembles the cross-platform editor used in other areas of your account. We don't have an exact date to share but it should be coming later this year. I'm merging your post into a larger thread that we will update as we get closer.

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