Use Email As An Option for Multi-Factor Authentication

No email option for MFA? Those without a direct phone number / smart phone will have to use another mail service.

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Update August 2022: Multi-factor authentication is an industry standard that is used by many online services to keep their customer’s data secure. Given the types of data available in your account, including your contact lists and sensitive billing information, we are requiring all accounts to set up MFAto protect your business or organization.


We are considering additional features to make MFA easier to manage. There are no immediate developments happening, but we are continuing to share the feedback. 

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We, too, would like an opt out to MFA.

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It's clear the MFA is not working well for many of your clients. So the "There are no immediate developments happening" is useless. Why don't you fix it instead of useless notifications you are not in the plans to do anything about it. 

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FORCED double SMS. verification is BULL**bleep**

i do  NOT keep my phone by my side 24/7

you make it too hard to get access to our PAID accounts

you COULD give us the option of  email verification

why dont you AT LEAST do that????????????????????????????????????????

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