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User Interface

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The user interface has been redesigned away from what it was used for - a resource section for Partners and a separate by easily manageable client section. There are too many click throughs, too much importance on what is not important. It feels like every update moves further away from the central purpose of what Constant Contact was - a great email marketing service, and more into other multiple different services none of which are wanted or needed by me or my clients. In general having updates made is great, new features are great, but somehow all of the important things have been watered down. Why not invest into building additional great modern email templates or continuing to build on new features? Look at the top partner links - how many of those actually have to do with email marketing directly? How many are other features? How many are partner links. Resources is not intuitively laid out. Everything is going to take longer - not because it's a matter of learning a new layout or how things are moved around, but because somehow what should take 1 click now takes 3 or 4 or more. I am always excited for new updates

Hi @EricK659


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize for any inconvenience caused from the updates in partner profiles. We have however submitted your feedback to the appropriate teams on your behalf. We have also sent the contact email address on file for your account a way to submit any partner feedback directly to our partner team.

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