Why send Opt in to spammers?

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I recently submitted a request to stop fake emails being accepted into my CC mailing list after Captcha is ineffective in Wordpress plugin.
I don’t think it is a good idea to send a confirmation opt in email to someone who is trying to hack into my site by privileges granted after joining a Constant Contact email list. Seriously, how does asking them to confirm the bogus email stop them from then confirming the bogus email and thereafter becoming a website exclusive member?
This is quite a serious flaw in your processes in CC management and needs a solid rethink.
You should have the ability to blacklist requests to join a CC email list using wildcards once an email address is known to be suspicious or obvious fake.
If I get ten requests in a day from a domain using different first names I don’t want that email address to be sent any correspondence or opt in requests nor do I want them in my list.
Find a real solution please.
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Hello @AlanO80 ,


I'm really not sure what someone "hacking your site" has to do with us since we don't handle site management. If you feel as though it's too easy for someone to gain access to your site by simply signing up for emails, then logically you'd want to work with your site builder to make your site either require an account login, or you'd need to find some other means of tightening access to it. Having it accessible by simply entering an email address isn't really a best practice if you're trying to keep your site from being normally viewable.


Spam email submissions in the way you describe, if they avoid the reCaptcha triggers, are exceedingly unlikely to be actually managed by real people. The point of Confirm-Opt-In is to 1) ensure that the email addresses being submitted are legitimately wanting your emails (i.e. not someone submitting another person's address), and 2) to protect you from getting bogus or non-permissible addresses that bloat your pricing, and unsub/spam stats, since the confirmations must be manually approved.

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