an important missing piece with managing files

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I just had a chat session about managing files within CC and below is the transcript. Bottom line: I am shocked that this issue hasn't come up  before and that CC has not made the change to their file systems. Shame on CC!


Pratheeksha S (2:48:10 PM):Welcome to Constant Contact support. My name is Pratheeksha. One moment while I review your request.
Pratheeksha S (2:48:22 PM):Hello David!
Me (2:48:28 PM):hi
Pratheeksha S (2:48:41 PM):I understand how important it is for you to delete images. I would be happy to assist you with this.
Pratheeksha S (2:48:58 PM):May I know from where exactly you wish to delete images?
Me (2:50:45 PM):When I go into my library and I select Images, it lists all the images in sorted order of latest that were added. I'd like to change the sort order so that I can see the oldest images first and then delete the ones I no longer need.
Pratheeksha S (2:51:06 PM):I understand your concern.
Pratheeksha S (2:51:08 PM):I apology, there is no quicker way to delete older images/documents. You would have to manually look for the older image/document and delete them.
Me (2:51:51 PM):So I have to scroll thru all 3000 images in order to see the older ones? REALLY???
Pratheeksha S (2:52:01 PM):I am sorry, David!
Pratheeksha S (2:52:16 PM):Yes, you have to delete them manually.
Pratheeksha S (2:52:58 PM):You would need to scroll and find older images and have to delete them.
Me (2:53:10 PM):I'm OK to delete them manually, I just don't want to spend an hour going thru 3000 images...
Pratheeksha S (2:53:21 PM):There is no way around, David!
Me (2:54:16 PM):That is really bad on your part, I would think that in 2019 ConstantContact would have figured out how to change the sort order of files.
Pratheeksha S (2:54:34 PM):Perhaps in future the Constant Contact will figure out a way to do that.

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Hello @DavidB181,

It sounds like you just want to sort oldest to newest in your image library. Have you tried clicking into the date added heading in your library? This should allow you to sort oldest to newest. 2019-07-22_17-34-25.png

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