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When setting up the different emails for the automation series I would find it much more user friendly if we could pick to have the next email scheduled from the time they were added to the list or from the previous email.  It made it difficult to try and figure out the timing needed for the series when it's all based off the previous email.  For me, I'd like it to be based off when they were added to my list (1 day Welcome, 2 week check in, 1 month follow up, 60 day order reminder, 2 month follow up,,,)


I was also confused when the "name" for each email in the series didn't keep the original campaign title.  They all were given the name of the series and the "step" it was.  I'd much perfect to have the original title of the email.  Such as "2 week check in", "4 week check in", "follow up reminder", "final email" which makes it easier to keep track that I put in the correct email and I know what to follow it up with.  

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As part of our automated series, contacts who have signed up for a list receive emails in the series based on the timing that was set up when it was created (immediate send, two days after signing up, etc).


We will be closing this idea but welcome any others who come across it to make a new post.

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