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i don't appreciate the changes you made to the chart. they are less user-friendly now
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Hi @Rulmeca ! Thanks for taking the time to provide us some feedback, sorry to hear you don't appreciate the changes. If I may, I'd like to go over what we were trying to accomplish with the changes and get some more information from you on what is less user-friendly. 


For the graph's at the top, we did break them out into 3 cumulative stat reports that you can view for various time frames. This was one of our top requested reporting features, which focused around a need to see more cumulative insight into email performance over time and not just the last X amount of campaigns. However, if you do still want to see a chart between campaigns you can scroll down to the table and choose the "Graph" option. This should give you a chart more like the one you were already familiar with before. Screenshot: Reporting Graph.png


With that being said, does that restore the chart functionality you were looking for? If you had any additional details on what aspects are less user-friendly I can happily pass them along.


Thank you.

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Since we did not hear back from the poster to clarify what functionality they were looking for when working in the Reporting tab, we will be closing this idea for additional commenting. If they or others have feedback on our Reporting tools, please create a new post so we can properly organize your ideas and requests and escalate them to the correct teams.

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