Allow Facebook Join My Mailing List tab to show on mobile

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Your app doesn't show up on the FB phone app? You are always pounding into us the importance of how many people see the constant contact from their phones and your app doesn't show up on the phone?

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Hi @KimF358, thanks for the feedback on this! Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow us to address this issue because their mobile app doesn't support any plugins that add new tabs to your Facebook page.


I do have a recommendation for mobile sign-ups via Facebook. You can use Facebook's Call-to-Action button and link it to a Constant Contact sign-up form. This displays prominently on both mobile and desktop views, and provides a nicely customizable experience.


We know that mobile users are an important segment, so we are indeed looking to see if there is any way to make this easier for our users. Thanks for using Constant Contact!

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When it comes to the sign up form for facebook, I notice that other than a person's first name, last name, and email, there's no way to ask for their birthday or other information on that form. When I click on "customize" button, the only option I see is to upload an image. I have edited my sign up form in the constant contact site to request this information, so I am wondering why when it comes to facebook, the sign up form does not show the extra items like birthdays or addresses?

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