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Sorry but your app is exactly worthless. It shows no campaigns, no contacts, can’t view stats for any of my sent campaigns so really, why have it? In a perfect world I’d be able to do what I have always done using my computer at work..... I should be able to do this same stuff on the go using your app.
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Hi @SteveA88, sorry for the delay in response. Our mobile app does have functionality to view campaigns and their stats, as well as your contact lists. Are the campaigns not loading at all for you, or are some missing? Additionally, are you using an Apple or Android device?


For reference, here's how the app is  -supposed- to look: http://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/tutorials/KnowledgeBase/19295-Using-the-Constant-Contact-Mo...

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when I open the app and click around inside the ONLY thing I see besides the welcome with my username is a list of my actual email lists. there are no contacts. there are no campaigns. no drafts. no nothing.

I have an iPhone 6s with the current iOS installed, apps set to automatically update, I just checked in the app store to update any apps, none needed it.

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sorry, if I hit LIBRARY I do see the 4 images or so that I have saved but no indication of the dozens of campaigns sent or of the 4700 or so contacts in my lists in the app.

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So I deleted the app from my phone, re-booted my iPhone then downloaded the app again.... Logged in and voila... it is working as it should now..........


Thanks for the additional details, and I'm glad we got the app working for you! 


I'm leaving this thread open in case other users are experiencing the same issue - please let us know if reinstalling the app helps!

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yeah Paul, thanks for phone call too......... 

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