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Bring back support for the Constant Contact Salesforce Integration

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Bring back support for the Constant Contact Salesforce Integration

I learned today that Constant Contact no longer supports the Salesforce integration that allows you view email campaign history within a contact's record page in Salesforce, which is why we are now seeing error messages on many of our contacts pages.  This area was incredibly useful as it showed what campaigns had been sent to the contact, and how many times they opened and clicked on links in the email all without having to leave Salesforce.  None of the other Salesforce apps offered by CC appear to have this same functionality.  I don't understand why you would get rid of this, it was a huge time save!  Please consider supporting this functionality again.

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hi @DebbyM10, thanks for the feedback! We're currently recommending a Salesforce integration developed by Cazoomi, because their free version has all the features (and more) that our old plugin had (including email campaign history). You can find the list of features here:


I hope this helps - it's a very robust plugin!

Occasional Contributor

Hi @Paul_t,

I looked into Cazoomi and it will not work because we are on the professional edition of Salesforce which does not include an enabled API that Cazoomi needs to work.  To get the API enabled we would be forced to upgrade to a much more expensive plan or to pay additional $300/per user on the current plan which is totally out of the question for a small business.  Therefore you can see why it is so unfortunate that Constant Contact stopped supporting their own plugin.  I'm sure we are not the only one affected and again you should really consider bringing the support back for this feature.

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Hi @Paul_T,

Want to make sure you saw my comment in regards to Cazoomi and how that option won't work for most small businesses.  We are still very displeased this plugin was cut off.