Grammarly application

Seriously consider acquiring Grammarly application for your faithful users.

Thank you!


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I use Grammarly, but without integration, I have to copy and paste my content into the Grammarly website and then back into Constant Contact. That adds additional steps to my workflow. Funny thing is, Grammarly works in this comment field.


Do you have any plans to either integrate with Grammarly OR provide some sort of spell check within the content editor?  I find it very cumbersome to have to cut and paste all of my email campaigns into another document to check the spelling.    


Hi @sarah001. I don't have any information to share about a spell check feature in the editor but most browsers have a built-in spell check feature that you can use.  


New user here...

I'm also wondering why the Firefox extension doesn't seem to work in Constant Contact -- and yes, it is working in this comment field as mentioned above.


Is there something that can be done for the extension to work? I'm sure there are a TON of folks that would appreciate this.

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yes please!


Hi everyone,


Shameless plug, but we've been working on a grammar extension that works with Constant Contact.


You can find the Chrome extension here:

(We also support Firefox and Edge.)


Here's an example screenshot using a Constant Contact template: 

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 8.11.56 PM.png



Ziang (


using Grammarly yet??????????????????????????????  would help alot! 

Sally J Foote 


Yes, integrating Grammarly would be very helpful.


I agree..Needs to work with CC! PLEASE!

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Another vote from me... please allow integration with Grammarly


PLEASE!!!!!! I always see so many errors after I send out my emails UNLESS I take the time to move each text block over to Grammarly to check... 😕

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