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ListBuilder App Upgrades?

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ListBuilder App Upgrades?

I just started using the ListBuilder app after a call with a Constant Contact support member. There are many features that I expected to be able to use that don't seem to be available. Is there an upgrade planned for this app or is it going to be deprecated for something else. The list of items that I would have expected but don't see to be able to find are below.

  • Unable to change fonts or colours.
  • Unable to access ALL fields for my sign-up form. 
  • Unable to select only parts of some of the options. For example, under address I don't need country but I can't 'unselect' it. This is the same for any field with child members.
  • The email that is sent after someone signs up, I can't find its location in order to be able to change it.
  • I can't find the recommend sizes for the background or the logo in order to be able to modify my choices to fit properly.

Thank you, Jocelyn D. Patrick