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Why is there no Magento 2 integration. This seems ridiculous for a company like ConstantContact to not put a little bit of money to having an extension for Magento 2. It would make Magento store owners like myself be more accepting of Constant Contact. I have been with Constant Contact for over 10 years and now after upgrading our store to Magento 2 might have to change to another provider if this extension is not in the works. 

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Thank you for your feedback @NimeshP! Our developers have been hard at work recently creating new integrations so I will be sure to pass along your feedback.


NimeshP is absolutely correct. We recently upgraded to Magento 2 and the code no longer works for email sign-ups. I called Constant Contract twice and each representative of course gave me different answers that basically boiled down to its time to switch to another service like MailChimp What a shame since i believe we were one of the original CC users. Shame on you CC. Millions of Magento users are just going to have to bail on you. 


If an integration with Magento 2 is a feature that would be of value to you, call the Customer Support line at 866.289.2101 and ask for them to send feedback to the developers, requesting that feature. The more, the better!


I agree, this would be a good feature.  

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