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MC and others have Integration with the popular Page Builder plugin for Wordpress, Elementor I hope that CTCT is working to do the same. It seems like everywhere MC is integrated and CTCT always has to have some third-party or workaround to work. 

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Hi @AcumenKC, thanks so much for the feedback! I'll leave this open for others to vote on while we investigate this integration!


I am in the same boat and agree. It seems like every platform I use whether it be Elementor, WebinarJam or a number of others they have integrations with another provider but not Constant Contact.


yes please integrate with elementor.


Will it integrate yet with Elementor yet?


I am an intern at a small company using Elementor -- currently using , but there is no option in Elementor for selecting Constant Contact, which they are considering switching to (did a web search and landed here). 

In Elementor, I created a newsletter landing page with a simple signup form. Then, under "Action After Submit", there are options for Email(a thanks-for-signing-up message gets sent), Email2, , redirect, webhook.

Below that, there is a separat dropdown dedicated to , where I just enter the API key and it populates with all our mailing lists, options for field mapping, double opt-in, etc. But nothing for ConstantContact... so I'm forced to suggest the company sticks with for now.



C'mon! How can you ignore Elementor??? - It does not make any sense!



It is like us, clients, ignoring Constant Contact!


Please Integrate!


I also arrived here through a web search.


Constant Contact seems to be working towards better Wordpress integration which is very hopeful.


We've been using Constant Contact for close to a decade but I've been more then tempted to move to because of the Wordpress integration and commitment.  has been the goto when integrating with Wordpress and that holds true for Elementor Pro also. 



I am currently redesign our company website using Elementor Pro's Wordpress page builder as well. 


The only way to use the Elementor Pro form builder and Constant Contact right now is through using a "webhook" and a Zapier account. I set up a Zapier flow earlier today to see how it works... and it looks like it will work... with some extra work. That was a side track from my days work (as this is now ) so I'll check things out when I'm dedicating my design time to the Elementor Form integration for our new site. (This web page explains how to set up Elementor Pro to use services like Constant Contact through the Zapier service with a good step by step guide. )


I would love the option in Elementor Pro to select Constant Contact lists.

I've got several lead and segmented email list forms planed for the new site and absolutely need this integration.


For me as a longtime Constant Contact customer it will boil down to how much friction and work it will take to integrate Elementor and Constant Contact with the new company website. 



Agree with all of the above, I landed here after a quick google search looking for a constant contact and Elementor integration. Found no such thing. PLEASE work on integration for this, would be very helpful



I can't believe there's no easy way to integrate with Elementor. It's the 800-lb gorilla of page builders. Ignoring it is missing out on massive opportunity. I might switch from CTCT because I've gone all-in with Elementor and they don't seem to play nicely together.

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Another all-in Elementor implementation.  See ya CTCT . . . hello .  Surprised CTCT is not more agile in recognizing required integration . . . a bit lazy in my opinion . . .


Has this happened yet?

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Agreed. Elementor use is too prevalent for their not to be an integration. 


Just lost another con con customer to due to lack of integration with elementor and wordpress. 


Integration is possible using MailOptin + Elementor:


This is crazy that there is no direct integration with Elementor. Likely the most used pagebuilder in the world for any platform. How has constant contact not created this yet?1


Please integrate with Foundant/Community Suite (only is integrated with them right now).

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This plugin works great and integrates with Wp and Elementor


We like using CC for emailing our congregation, the only problem is it does not allow syncing with our Church database, Servant Keeper.  does and thus we are strongly considering moving over to their service.  I don't want to do that so I'm hopeful someone can tell me there's either a work-around or CC is working on integration.


Hi @CrosspointCC at this time Constant Contact does not offer an tool that will directly integrate with the program Servant Keeper. We do always recommend users take a look at our Marketplace for any third-party apps or integrations that may be available to connect the two. With that said, what are you looking for the integration to do? This is helpful information for us to submit to our Product Team in the meantime.

We love constant contact, and want to save time by linking our contacts/accounts from procare to Constant Contact.
It would be great if you added Amelia to your scheduling/booking integration list.
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