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Squarespace is a significant player in the web development software world. Please work it out with them such that Constant Contact integrates seamlessly with them. It's clunky now and requires users to leave my website -- not helpful! Thanks for listening.

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Hi @PeterC485! Sorry for the delay in this response, but we really appreciate this feedback! We're looking to expand our integrations in the coming year, so this comes at a great time. Question for you - what functionality should this integration have? Sync contacts back/forth? What else?


I'm about to recommend that a client who is creating a website in Squarespace abandon the Constant Contact account they've had for years and move to MailChimp. I'm shocked that CC doesn't easily integrate with Squarespace.


I would love for CC to integrate with squarespace for sign up forms. 


right now squarespace only integrates with mail chimp or google docs... please try to work on integrating with squarespace in a more seemless manner- don't like adding in a third party option like formstck or zapier.. almost considered moving to mail chimp- and i do prefer constant contact.. you may be losing business because of this.

This resolved it for me. It's a work-around but it worked!

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Constant Contact is the only option we have for our donor software. So I have to manually enter emails from the website in CC. It is a pain and a bit ridiculous that MailChimp syncs with squarespace but CC does not.


Has any progress been made on this issue? We'd love to use CC for our automation, sign ups and more!


Our organization would also like integration with Squarespace. Thank you.

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Hi All,


There are some relatively new articles on using some very simple form builders and how to integrate them with Squarespace to link directly to Constant Contact here: (Using an Inline Form to Grow Your List)--but it's not just about inline forms, it's also for buttons and popups--great articles and videos etc!!!

Worked for me! :smileyface:


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Inline form are ugly and unable to be branded with my fonts and colors. Need WAY more options, the ability to edit the CSS or a pure true integration, like Mailchimp has, for this to be worthwhile.

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After 6 hours in chat support between Squarespace, Zapier and Constant Contact, nothing is working properly. This is not a useful and easy to use newsletter sign up application.
I think we will return to MailChimp.

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Don't tell me this is true! I can't use CC for my new and revised website on SquareSpace?? What is anyone else doing? 

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