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Any Landscapers in the community?

Have any good tips on getting my current customer to forward my emails along to others?

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Re: Any Landscapers in the community?

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Hi Bud, I am brand new to CC but plan on using a "call to action" type of incentive to encourage my clients to forward my emails. This will be along the lines of a $25 gift card to the 25th person to forward my emails and then a $50 gift card for the 50th person to do so. I have not ironed out every detail, but it will be something along this line. You could of course offer a service instead of a gift card.

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Re: Any Landscapers in the community?

It depends on the theme of your email.  Along with being informative, each of your emails should have a call to action.  Now you have two reasons for the reader to pay attention, and they may also know someone who can benefit.  Make sure to ask them to forward your email to someone who can benefit.


Also, if you have a loyalty program, you can add a coupon to your email that is the call to action.  It can not reward the recipient for acting on their own, but also reward them if they forward it to someone else who opts in.

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