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How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?


How Do i Add attachments to an e-mail?

I don't see any place to upload them. I would rather not insert them into the e-mail but have them attached. Thanks!
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Attachments to Emails


I am an instructor and plan to use this type of product to stay in touch with my students. Part of my courses requires me to sent files to those that have taken the class and or provide a place where they can log-in and download those files.

Will Constant Contact permit or does it provide for group e-mails with file attachments? Or can it be set up to allow the groups to sign-in and download the files?   

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Attachments to Emails

CC doesn't permit attachments, but they do have suggestions for how to deal with this. Click "Help & Support" tab, then click Frequently Asked Questions, then type "attachments" into the search box. There are several articles on this issue with solutions.

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hello All,
Is there a way to insert an attachment like a pdf file to a constant contact email?

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No. I suggest you read "Attachments, the Definitive Guide" here in the CC forum



Is it possible to add and attachment to a CC email.  I have to send a personalized "letter" email to over 150 people and need to attach
a sample letter we want them to send to their clients.  Is this possible?

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I do not think you can have attachments because of the SPAM issue. You can put a word doc on your server or create a HTML page and then link either of them from your email.

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I am told that CC does not support attachments because it increases SPAM filter catches. They suggest you add a link to a page on your site.


Is it possible to add and attachment to a CC email. I have to send a personalized "letter" email to over 150 people and need to attach

I usually host a document and then insert the link.

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No attachments is keeping clients away from CC

I'm a designer, and I frequently suggest that my clients use CC, but I can't get them over the hurdle of not being able to attach files. Here are two examples. If they want to send a picture, they have to upload the file to a website, then link to it. Or if they want to forward a .pdf file, they have to do the same. In both cases, what used to be a 10 second process turns into a 10-15 minute process. Both of these clients send 5-10 emails a week to eager recipients. They don't have the extra 1-2 hours, when it now takes 2 minutes a week. 

The question is this:

Is there a simple way to use Constant Contact to attach and forward files? 

A common webmail feature that allows this would be tremendous! I'd have another 5-10 clients using Constant Contact.

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