Ability to Replace Image (Similar to Documents & PDFs)

Please add the ability to replace an image in a new or previously sent campaign by uploading a new image using the same file name -- just as users are able to replace PDFs and documents.  Scrolling through the community forum and feedback section, I've seen numerous requests for this.

Status changed to: Voting Open

 Hi @SusanM2719, thanks so much for the feedback! We've recently begun to hear this request more often, and so are tracking it more closely. However, we do still have a lot of other customer requested features with higher priority. I'm leaving this open for voting so others can add their voice here as well!

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Agree! I have had to replace one graphic as sponsors are updated no less than 10 times in the past week. So annoying!

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Need to be able to update and save current images in the library...  Cant do that with the 3rd generation editor...  


Currently, if you send out a campaign with a typo in an image, for example.  You can't make any changes to the image in the library after it goes live.  Before you could...  This is No Good!  

Consulting & Training

I agree! Definitely need this feature. Without it, I have to create a new email each time. Extremely inconvenient to have to create new email and track the additional email instead of just updated a .png. or .jpg image.



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