Ability to do a bulk export of images and documents from Library

It would be nice to have a feature that allows for a mass export of the photo library. Having to individually "Save Image" on 400+ images isn't efficient.


Oh my gosh - following the thread, this has been an issue since 2015 and Constant Contact still cannot/will not allow downloading images in bulk?! It's 2022 for heaven's sake!

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Why is this NOT a thing?!? We have so many images, with lots of duplicates. We are trying to clean house and want to archive our images locally, then re-load what we need going forward.


I would like to have this feature as well.

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April 2022 here! It seems as if this company has no desire to add bulk image download as this has been requested for more than 5 years now and still has no avalibility. I'm leaving CC for search of another more feature rich application. This is ridiculous that it's taken this many years and there still isn't an option to bulk download your own images.

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