Ability to do a bulk export of images and documents from Library

It would be nice to have a feature that allows for a mass export of the photo library. Having to individually "Save Image" on 400+ images isn't efficient.


We're an agency working on behalf of a client and the lack of this feature is seriously inconvenient. 


3 years - still no update


Trying to organize existing photos is cumbersome at best. If you're trying to organize a large group of images and you select some say a month old and move them to a folder, you are taken right back to the newest image. Also, limitations on how many photos you can view is hard to deal with.


I think you need a way to download photos. I know at least for the school i'm helping out, they uploaded all 4,300 photos into one folder. We need to sort and potentially download these for other needs, such as flyers, yearbook, etc. However, given i know you are not an image storing business, it would be nice to have that option.

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Awesome Ideas! 

I will be opening up this idea to our voting section so users like your self can vote and comment on this idea.

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If it is so simple to export email contacts why is it not possible to export photo library to my computer? It looks like people have been asking for this feature for 5 years.

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Any update on this from Constant Contact support?!! We need this ASAP. Also, can someone post instructions for saving individual images? I must be missing something...


Hi @fpcPenny. We do not have an update to share for this request. In order to save an image, you would follow the steps in your browser for saving an image (usually right-clicking an image to save to your computer). 


Bye bye CC. 


It's absolutely absurd that there is NO WAY to export MY Library!   FYI, I am not at my own computer and do not have access to my images posted on CC.  To have to copy and paste each of my 400 images one at a time to a Ppt document is ridiculous and something I do not have time to do as a sole proprietor.  I'm in a position where I REALLY NEED these images for my new web designer.  I've asked for years about exporting images - and apparently, so have others.  So, guess what?  Going someplace where people are more responsive to their paying customers.  BYE!


Why this isn't a feature yet makes no sense.


I lost my back up and now I have to right click on images individually to restore them?


Please add this.


I would like to see a bulk download of images and graphics feature added as well.  Individually clicking on each of thousands of images and/or graphics to save to a local desktop is inefficient and a waste of precious time.  

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This seems like a very simple feature to add. Is there a reason why you haven't? Mark me as one who would like it. (My reason? Over time photos get added from a million different places. There are times I need a photo I uploaded to CC for an ancillary project--your search feature is not vibrant--easier for me if I can search from my desktop)


I'm also asking this same question ... 3 years later.  I am involved in an organization that recently lost its entire website; not their error, but inadvertently lost!  I decided I should download my Constant Contact photos for safekeeping, but it doesn't appear to be an option.  

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please add this feature


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Need the bulk download feature for photos or documents-- the current "save as" work around is tedious, time consuming, and antiquated. Especially since you have a limit on storage, we need this feature so we can safely delete images and documents from your site.

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