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Adding photos to my library

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Adding photos to my library

Adding photos and organizing them within my library used to be simple. I create a folder for each monthly newsletter. It's where I put photos and other graphics. In your effort to make things more "efficient," it's very tricky to get a photo into the right folder. I usually end up with two copies of the photo. You should have left well enough alone.

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I am sorry to hear of this frustration. When you move an image into a folder it will copy the image, not move it from "All". You have the option to add the files to folders during the upload process or after you have uploaded. Thanks for your feedback!
Your photo library procedures for adding folders are unclear. After much looking, I finally noticed the tiny plus sign to the right of "Folders." Why not put the words "add new folder" in a small blue box? Icons (like a plus sign) are not always the best solution.
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My photo library says that i am using all 5 photos but i only have 3 uploaded

HI Billy.

I am sorry for the confusion. I see you have three images and two documents uploaded so your library is currently full.



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