Allow users to unlink attached content after sending

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I expect to have control over the content in my library. When I uploaded a file to an email and sent it I discovered that I no longer had control over the file that constant contact was hosting for me. Deleting the file from my library did not remove the file from constant contacts servers and users were still able to see the file that I had deleted from the system. A support representative was able to break the link to the file for me, but this is something that should be able to be done on the users side. I expect to have control over the files I upload.
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Hello @SheilaR2. I'm glad to hear that our support team was able to assist you. In case others come across this post, there is a workaround to replace the file with a blank document prior to deleting it. It may take up to 15 minutes and require clearing the browser's cache to see the blank document. We'll open this idea up for voting in the meantime.

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