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Alpha sort on images

Alpha sort on images

I just started a new email and needed to replace the image in the email that I was using. Although I very much like the folders that were added, I have not had the time to sort all my images into the folders. I am doing that as I use them. I know how to find my frequent users in the alpha sort even though I do not remember all of their titles. I was stunned when I found that I could not sort my images in alpha order. Please put that back as soon as possible. If not, you will continue add minutes to my day every time I have to look for an image that I have not yet sorted.

Thank you

Bob Cherner

In the past i was able to view all photos I'd used either alphabetically or by date used when creating and editing emails. Since I cannot sort photos now, it's very frustrating trying to find photos for newsletters. Please add these features back to the library feature.
Occasional Contributor
I need to sort my images either alphabetically or by the date I uploaded them. Neither is an option. Both used to be options. Your changes have made this site very user-UNfriendly. It is not appreciated. When something is not broken, please don't attempt to fix it!!!!!!
Occasional Advisor
image library no longer sortable A_Z or by date... so i have to sift through to find the images.
Occasional Visitor
It's making it a nightmare to look for images!
All Star
All Star
Why do you keep taking our sorting options away!!! Every new update is making more work. Please bring sorting back for images! DATE, A - Z etc. I have over 800 images and cannot keep scrolling!
CTCT Employee

Thank you for your feedback! Please vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.

Occasional Visitor
Don't like your new library system. Before I could sort by old/new/alpha. Now it's all bundled together with my images + your stock images. Much too confusing. I'm on a and it's not much better than dial up so it takes awhile to load all those jpgs.
Occasional Visitor

At first I hated your changes, but now after using the upload new files, I'm finding it faster EXCEPT for the results from the search feature. Once I search and fine the group (i.e. search for "beans") I have to scroll through the number of types of "beans" I have (i.e. green, fava, adzuki, pinto, etc.) and look for a picture. You should have these sorted alphabetically by default! Not newest as default, and certainly not by date.

CTCT Employee
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Regular Visitor
There is no way to sort the images in the library. Before I sorted all the time both by alphabet and by order added, in order to locate image I wanted to use. I feel totally lost without the ability to at least sort by alphabet -- scrolling through almost 400 images each time is intimidating. Hope you all are able to remedy this and restore sorting! Many thanks, Cathy at mthermitage