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I just started a new email and needed to replace the image in the email that I was using. Although I very much like the folders that were added, I have not had the time to sort all my images into the folders. I am doing that as I use them. I know how to find my frequent users in the alpha sort even though I do not remember all of their titles. I was stunned when I found that I could not sort my images in alpha order. Please put that back as soon as possible. If not, you will continue add minutes to my day every time I have to look for an image that I have not yet sorted.

Thank you

Bob Cherner


Thank you for your feedback! Please vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.

Don't like your new library system. Before I could sort by old/new/alpha. Now it's all bundled together with my images + your stock images. Much too confusing. I'm on a and it's not much better than dial up so it takes awhile to load all those jpgs.

At first I hated your changes, but now after using the upload new files, I'm finding it faster EXCEPT for the results from the search feature. Once I search and fine the group (i.e. search for "beans") I have to scroll through the number of types of "beans" I have (i.e. green, fava, adzuki, pinto, etc.) and look for a picture. You should have these sorted alphabetically by default! Not newest as default, and certainly not by date.

There is no way to sort the images in the library. Before I sorted all the time both by alphabet and by order added, in order to locate image I wanted to use. I feel totally lost without the ability to at least sort by alphabet -- scrolling through almost 400 images each time is intimidating. Hope you all are able to remedy this and restore sorting! Many thanks, Cathy at mthermitage
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Why can't we sort images in alpha order?
The new library is difficult to use and is killing my productivity. Please tell me there is a way to sort the library by file type (image vs. document) and by file name (alphabetically). If I'm missing it, let me know. If the functionality is not there, PLEASE add it asap. Feeling disgruntled... Also would be helpful if the document/image name in the email reports (click-throughs) matched the file name in the library. The long link name "" etc is not a helpful way to easily see what pages have been viewed. Thanks!
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Hi, I would like to make a suggestion. Is it possible to have our photos in the library be grouped in an a-z or z-a order for easier functioning and locating of our photos? Thanks! Paula

Horrible update! Why did you guys drop the alpha sort? Do you realize how much time it now takes all of your paying customers to find their images?

I do not like the new system. There is no page to quick glance at the images (had no pictures) ALSO I want to be able to sort from "old to new" and A-L or whatever the other options were!
Please add sort alphabetically, old to new and new to old. Right now, unless you know the exact name of the image, the search function does not find the image.

SO FRUSTRATED! I have hundreds of images and need to be able to sort by DATE and ALPHA!

PLEASE add this feature back- it seems like such a simple thing to add back have made my job SOOOO much HARDER!!!!

WHY WHY WHY DID YOU TAKE AWAY MY ABILITY TO SORT MY IMAGES ALPHABETICALLY??????? I have over a thousand images I use regularly. I have to be able to find them and the easiest way is to do an alpha search. But no, you all "improved" the image library and now my job takes longer every day!!!!! Please change it back and stop trying to fix something that isn't broken!!!
How can I fund images by name or date added? What happened to that function?
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Thanks for this feedback. I am glad you are finding things faster overall. When you search, have you tried out using the "filter" options to narrow it down more? This would allow you to search and or show only images uploaded in a date range, with a specific orientation or specific file types. You can view these options by clicking "Advanced".

I agree! I do not like the way the new library displays the images, nor that it is difficult to sort the view by recent/a-z. PLUS there is the wide open space in "all" through which we have to search in order to find previously unfiled images. Ick, ick, ick.

Please improve the search function ( i know the photo has been uploaded, but damned if I can find it!)

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