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I just started a new email and needed to replace the image in the email that I was using. Although I very much like the folders that were added, I have not had the time to sort all my images into the folders. I am doing that as I use them. I know how to find my frequent users in the alpha sort even though I do not remember all of their titles. I was stunned when I found that I could not sort my images in alpha order. Please put that back as soon as possible. If not, you will continue add minutes to my day every time I have to look for an image that I have not yet sorted.

Thank you

Bob Cherner

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Documents are very hard to find now. Please add an alpha sort option. Please expand the number of doucuments that can be viewed at once. Please separate the photos from the documents. Please add a list view.
I really hate the new library program because it's slow, cumbersome and doesn't allow you to search by date. The old one at lease allowed you to do newest to oldest or oldest to newest. It also very slow to move several pictures into a file - when you do it by bulk, you have to scroll to the top and then it is awkward to pick the file. The other choice is to do it one at a time. The editing feature isn't as easy as it was with PickMonkey. I am very disappointed and can tell you that the new library ads at least an hour or more in time and work to each newsletter. Honestly, it's easier and faster to just upload it again than to navigate the library.

I'm unsure why sorting the columns doesn't exist.


Firstly, I think there is a bug with having numbers and punctuation in the files... see attached... so maybe it is actually alpha sorted but the bug is causing mine to not sort...


but in the insert image panel we should be able to sort by date uploaded NEW...OLD like we used to, and A...Z as we were able to before. 


There is a "filtering system" in My Library, but there is no filtering system in the Insert Image dialog... unsure why.



The column should include "date added" and "last date used" and all be clickable to sort by clicking on columns as well as filename Z...A or A...Z


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I can't find the sort button for re-sorting my images by alphabet.
The new image library arrangement is frustrating. The images used to be in alpha order and now are scattered and are thus difficult to find. Having all th images in one area adds to the confusion. Moving to folders helps but doesn't solve the issue. I don't find a way to sort images. Please advise.
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My goodness, why do you let your engineers create the interface, rather than people who actually use the email program? Why would you not include sorting of the images? New to old, old to new, alphabetically. If I ever have the time to move my emails to a new program ... I am gone! I do this for two organizations.

The new library is cluttered and cumbersome and difficult to use. Support was not helpful and only suggested I do things their way and not the way I wanted to which I've been doing for 6 years. I am not able to sort or delete images because I can't find them alphabetically.

Hi All,

Just wanted to share an update. We got lots of feedback on this and we heard loud and clear thaty you wanted to be able to sort. As of today, it's back!


Use the options in the header to re-order the library for you.

10-23-2013 2-45-10 PM.jpg


It is 10-31-13. I do not see the option to sort!

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