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I recently ran into the issue where we made a big mistake in a price on an email.  The email was sent and there was nothing I could do. The price was on both the picture stored in my account as well as a .pdf link that was uploaded to my account. If I used my own FTP I would be able to update the .pdf link and re - upload and then end user would see the new file when they click on my email, without having to send another email. I wish constant contact worked that way.. all files uploaded were active.

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Though I understand Douglas' particular need, I wonder what it would do to the integrity of emails if a marketer could post an email with a link to a particular document (with particular assertions), and then change the underlying document to something completely different after the fact. It's easy to imagine this facility being put to some deceptive uses.


Customers/clients are more likely to trust a mailer who sends a follow-up correction, being transparent about the error and even offering to make it good (mutual satisfaction).


I'd prefer CC didn't build in a facility like this because it would erode confidence just a bit in everyone's mailings.

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