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Automatically attach URL to pictures

Automatically attach URL to pictures

It would be extremely convenient if there were a way to add a URL link to a specific image when uploading the image, so that it remains with the picture no matter which template you put it into. It just saves time and frustration not having to go back and reinsert every URL link in each picture.

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Good morning, I recommend that you find a way for customers to be able to permanently save their social media links so that every time they open up a template the links automatically have their correct addresses in them. Whenever I create a new email, the social media bar at the bottom automatically has my organization's website address. Each time, I have to go to every social media site we use and copy and paste the correct address in there. This new feature would save a lot of time and be very helpful. Thank you, Lindsey Leach

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I agree with you, I usually keep it permanently link social media in my email



Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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Our group would LOVE to see this feature as well!!!


Thank you!


Thanks for positng, Shannon!

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Can the social media buttons at the BOTTOM of the emails automatically default to the links? Sometimes I do not use constant contact because copy and pasting takes me too long.

YES PLEASE.  We have multiple users composing, editing and approving each other's campaigns using a series of set templates.  For whatever reason, our links actually used to be saved and by virtue of having the icons in my templates all of my users assumed they were still linked.  Arg.  Organizations with multiple staffers working on campaigns really need workaround like this. 


I agree! I thought this used to be a feature. Now that I have to manually update the links everytime, it takes up valuable time. This should be a given. Please allow us to save our links. 

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I would love to see the ability to have a URL linked/attached to an image so I don't have to keep re-entering it.