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Automatically attach URL to pictures

Automatically attach URL to pictures

It would be extremely convenient if there were a way to add a URL link to a specific image when uploading the image, so that it remains with the picture no matter which template you put it into. It just saves time and frustration not having to go back and reinsert every URL link in each picture.

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OMG YES! So helpful if you are trying different templates. Then they would automatically be populated! If they can make your company logo default appear, having the links to Social media should be just as easy!


Thank you for posting!!!


Eric Henao

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I cannot imagine this option as not being helpful to anyone who uses Constant Contact, I guess I'm a little lost on the need for a vote.  Just finding this thread, which goes back over a year and a half, required several searches and still no solution?  Our logo automatically is entered as well as our address in the footer on every email we create, this also needs to be available for the social media.  This information should be able to be entered in My Settings.


I do not think this can be based upon votes, again, it took me several searches to find.

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