Block size limit of 400 is ANNOYING

How can I change the block size limit in Image Editor? I want to be able to use a full screen banner at 800 pixels wide or a nearly full screen banner at 600 pixels. Block limit is 400 if I try to resize from clicking on image editor within email template. I have to go to Image Library -- and then edit from within Image Library to get size I want, then select the URL, then go back to template to use the URL link to the image if I want more than 400 pixels wide. Previously, you could very easily, resize based on pixels and control width of image within email template. NOW IT IS A NIGHTMARE. Bring back the old select/change image PLEASE. I don't need to edit images online in Constant Contact -- I need to be able to place them and size them appropriately within my email template. The previous capability worked just fine for that. Please BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK!

Status changed to: New
Thank you for this feedback, Ellen. If you would also like to be able to work with a larger image size in the editor when coming from a narrow block, please let us know by voting here.
Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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