Can't insert document I just uploaded

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I was creating an email. I selected some text and clicked Insert Document Link. I uploaded a new PDF file and selected it. When I clicked Insert, I got the message "You forgot to select a link..." When I close the window, right-click on the selected text, click Change, and try to select and insert the document again, it works.


I am having the same problem.  Been trying to insert a document for while and getting really frustrated with this new and updated Constant Contact. 

I do not see "Change" anywhere when I right click on my selected text.

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Thank you all for your feedback. Unfortunately this is a problem we are aware of and working to resolve. A workaround is to try selecting one line of text at a time instead of multiple lines. You can also try putting the text in the "Link text" box on the upload window. Thanks for your patience with this.
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