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Make it easy for people to cancel their subscription. Your clear reluctance to help people that, for what ever reason, need to cancel their subscription says a lot about your integrity as a company. Or did I miss finding a place to simply Cancel My Subscription?
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I agree - I found out the same thing.  There is no way to cancel or stop billing online, they do not provide any email address for sending a cancellation request and they do not provide a way to remove your credit card from the system (this really suprises me and makes me worry about their integrity).


They made it real easy to start paying them "bucco bucks" for their service, but very difficult to cancel - so that they can screw their customers as much as possible.


Shame on you Constant Contact!!!!!!!


So the only way to cancel is to ring them!? I hope this works :frown: I really want to change as they seem like such good value on the face of it and yet have such limited ability to sequence etc. and yet upgrading costs so much more it's crazy! Now it's so difficult to change!